Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pregnant AGAIN!!

Been over 2 years since I posted last. I am pregnant again with my second child. Due Aug. 15th or so. Ultrasound Tech said it was closer to Aug. 10th. Can't wait to find out what it is. Another boy would be fun, but a girl would be a nice touch to our family dynamics!! I am feeling out numbered :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am pregnant and due the 3rd of September. Yippee!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow! I really haven't updated this in 6 months. I'm horrible and have repented :) Well, December went fast. I will update you a bit. Calvin is still working for New York Life and travels from Provo to Rexburg for appointments, which is fine by me IF I have homework to do. He will be taking a break from school this spring semester and becoming a full time insurance agent which is exciting. Currently, Calvin is serving as the Young Men's 1st counselor. I also got put in as the 1st counselor in Primary and am loving it.

I will be student teaching this semester at Ellis Elementary (5th grade and Kinder). Then summer semester, I have a few math classes to take. In fall, I will be student teaching in a preschool. Afterwhich! I will be DONE! GRADUATED!! I'm ecstatic!

As far as events, Thanksgiving was spent at my parents. Calvin left Thanksgiving night to Portland, OR, to run a marathon. He also bungee jumped for the 2nd time and loved it even more. We finished up our semester with both of us getting good grades - impressive!

In December, we made a BIG announcement to our families, making sure to make it really built up and anticipated. The NEWS was that we were.....going to be......moving. Of course, they were expecting something else. My hopeful mother was so cute. No. We actually just moved down the street from our old place. We live in a basement of a house now, as of New Years day. I will be teaching piano and voice lessons this coming year, so if you know of anyone in the Cache Valley area, let me know.

We celebrated Christmas with my family on December 18th. It was fun. My parents had given us some money at Thanksgiving and said: "Spend it on what you want and bring whatever you bought to our family party on the 18th." It was fun to see what people bought.

During Christmas break, we spent our time with Calvin's family. We enjoyed relaxing and playing Canasta (I think that's a contradiction). Anyhow, we both had a wonderful Christmas, getting more than we needed or probably deserved. It was a ton of fun watching two of our nephews opening their gifts.

On December 26th, we headed to Brigham City for dinner with the Hobbs' side of the family. Grandpa and Grandma Hobbs have planned an exciting trip to Disney World in Aug. for all the family. That's a lot of people AND a lot of fun. We, as Murdock's, met afterward and exchanged our siblings and cousins gifts. Before we could do so, the babies needed to be fed. All my sisters-in-law and sister had a baby this past year (2009). Everyone had one, except me, BUT I'm okay with that for right now. Anyhow, the four on the Murdock's side were feeding all at the same time in the same area. Kind of a funny picture!

Now that they are fed and much happier, they have their photo shoot.

Presenting the KKK (their names all start with K's) Silly and adorable

NEVER cross my father-in-law. He received this gun from his sons. Inscribed on the gun are the words: "To Dad, 2009." The saying is then followed by all the sons' names . He can now add this beauty to his collection.

Last of all, our New Years Eve was spent at Nicole and Jason's. There was also another couple of families that joined us. It was a blast, playing games, getting to know new people, and eating excellent food.

I think that's about it for us now!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Pics

Keith (my brother) and Noah bowling (2008). Noah is loves bowling and is pretty good, especially with bumpers!

A little bowling blooper. If you notice, Noah has changed the rules in bowling to more of a soccer game. Watch for the kick! Surprisingly enough, I think he actually knocked down some pins.

Last summer we went to Oregon. This is just a random shot in our rental car.

My mom, me, Steph, and Liz---da girls!

I have no idea who those two freaks are!?! ;)

Weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Hobbs

May 29 - June 1 (Fri.-Mon.) we spent the weekend up to Island Park with Calvin's grandparents. Grandma & Grandpa Hobbs are great! They taught us (or let's say they tried to teach us) how to golf, a nearly impossible task. Yet, we enjoyed it and had some good laughs as we came out nearly doubling par.

Sunday, we went to West Yellowstone and saw a lot of buffalo with their kids, a few bald eagles, 2 elk, and geese. It was great. We also saw the hot pots or should I say smelt the stink pots (smell like rotten eggs). Old Faithful was still faithful, but it was a cooler day, so we could hardly see the water because the steam was so thick. We had a very productive and fun weekend. We love Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

On Saint Patrick's Day, Easton was born (on the left). These are my two new nephews (Easton & Ethan). They are so cute. For General Conference, we went to my folks' house. What a wonderful time we had. Earlier this week, we helped my sister-in-law's family, Nicole & Jason, move into their new home. It will be such a nice home for them. I am also excited because we may get to plant some garden in their backyard! Haha. It is funny what you miss out on when you live in an apartment. Well, that's about it for now.Okay! So really funny--Calvin is not a baby person. He refuses to hold, tend, or play with a baby. BUT we tricked him. My mom was holding Easton and had to go do something. Calvin, being the only one around at that time, was handed Easton. Calvin felt pretty picked on. I think deep down inside, he really enjoyed playing/holding him. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Simple Game of Tag

1. Go the the forth folder in your pictures file.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that file.
3. post the picture and explain it.
4. Tag 4 people. I tag Lyndsey, Nicole N., Jenny, and Kim.

About this picture:
This is when Calvin and I were starting to date back in 2007. We decided to climb Table Rock with Derrick Christensen and Adam Young. It was so much fun but very exhausting. When we would struggle and want to take a break, Calvin kept telling us that we were almost there. Yah right! Come to find out, we weren't even half way there. I laugh about it now, but then I wanted to strangle him. :) What's great about this picture is that the Tetons are right behind us. Oh what a beautiful sight it was. I love hiking and look forward to going this summer.

Spring Break

So we didn't go anywhere exotic for spring break, but I did get to spend time both with Calvin's and my family. I love being an aunt. Calvin has been busy selling life insurance and loving every minute of it. I am working at a preschool and looking forward to being a teacher in a year and a half when I graduate. Well, that's about it for us. Oh yah! Liz, Joel, Calvin, and I went to the last USU basketball game against San Jose. It was rockin'! It was actually the first basketball game Calvin and I had ever been to here at Utah State. We are such slackers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Nephew!

So, Liz (my sis) & Joel had their baby. Ethan is the cutest. We went and visited her that night in the hospital. It was so much fun to hold a baby. Don't worry! I'm not baby hungry...yet. I am such a proud aunt of 2 nephews and one on the way (due in April) on my side and 11 nieces and nephews on Calvin's. I love spoiling them rotten!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year since Calvin and I got hitched. Wow! For our anniversary, we went to West Yellowstone. It was so much fun. We bought some homemade candies from a cute shop and watched movies, looked around some shops, and got sick. Yah! Can you believe that? Calvin decided to get sick on me-stomach flu. We had a fun drive home, let me tel you. I will post some pictures in a little while from our trip. Sinara!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Template!

I am so happy. I just barely figured out how to make my own templates. Yes! I am behind, I know. Well, I got this cute paper and stuff from shabbyprincess.com and I love it. I will be making my own templates from now on. Yippee!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas was spent at my parents this year. We had a great time. I wasn't quite sure what to get Calvin for Christmas, but I knew he wanted a toy, so I got him Star Wars Legos. Who doesn't like Legos, come on? In return, Calvin gave me the movie "North & South" and a beautiful, red guitar (ok, I picked out the guitar, but I love it!). We played games and ate a lot of goodies. Christmas was great.

On Saturday the 27th of December, we went to Maddox's in Brigham City and ate with all of Calvin's extended family (the Hobbs). It was fun to see everyone. We went on a wagon ride to see the lights in Willard. They were awesome; I wish I had some pictures.

For New Years, we hung out with my sister-in-law and her fam. We played games and had a fun time playing the Bean Game and Clue. That's about all. On Monday, Calvin and I start school again. Oh! I got a job working at a preschool. I will only work 10-20 hours depending on when they need me, but I am psyched. Well, tah tah for now!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here's what's been going on recently. Calvin got an internship for NEW YORK LIFE selling life insurance. I am so excited for him.That will last until he is finished with school (2011) where he will go right into a profession with NEW YORK LIFE, which could take us any where in the US or internationally. We are excited about that.

I will be graduating in May 2010 with a bachelor's in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a math endorsement. I will be able to teach preschool-8th grade. Yes! It has taken me a long time, but it will definitely be worth it. I have learned so much already.

This Thanksgiving, we went to Calvin's parents house where the whole fam was there. I was asked to write a Thanksgiving play for the nieces and nephews. It turned out to be really funny and cute with all their costumes and such. We also made gingerbread houses. This was my first time making houses out of real gingerbread. I usually just use the graham cracker method.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Calvin and I went to a motocross gig in SLC on Sept. 13th. We went with is cousin, Ryan, and his wife Jackie. We had a blast!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kat's baby shower

Kat's baby shower that was held August 30th. It was fun to see everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally a Blog!

I know, I know! It's about time that I start a blog. Now I can fit in with my family and not be an outcast! HAHAHA...you laugh because you know I'm right. Well, Calvin and I are going to school and loving our time together. Here are a few pics of our wedding even though it's been over nine months since we got hitched.