Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Pics

Keith (my brother) and Noah bowling (2008). Noah is loves bowling and is pretty good, especially with bumpers!

A little bowling blooper. If you notice, Noah has changed the rules in bowling to more of a soccer game. Watch for the kick! Surprisingly enough, I think he actually knocked down some pins.

Last summer we went to Oregon. This is just a random shot in our rental car.

My mom, me, Steph, and Liz---da girls!

I have no idea who those two freaks are!?! ;)


Nicole Norris said...

You two are so funny. We sure do love having you guys over!!

Unknown said...

Annmarie! I thought I would look at your cute blog, it has been so long! Hope you guys are doing well, and hopefully I'll see you soon! :)

Kat & Joe said...

I love the picture with the shovel. I miss you guys alot. Guess what Ann, I graduated! Amazing I know! So I need to figure out how to see you two sometime....