Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow! I really haven't updated this in 6 months. I'm horrible and have repented :) Well, December went fast. I will update you a bit. Calvin is still working for New York Life and travels from Provo to Rexburg for appointments, which is fine by me IF I have homework to do. He will be taking a break from school this spring semester and becoming a full time insurance agent which is exciting. Currently, Calvin is serving as the Young Men's 1st counselor. I also got put in as the 1st counselor in Primary and am loving it.

I will be student teaching this semester at Ellis Elementary (5th grade and Kinder). Then summer semester, I have a few math classes to take. In fall, I will be student teaching in a preschool. Afterwhich! I will be DONE! GRADUATED!! I'm ecstatic!

As far as events, Thanksgiving was spent at my parents. Calvin left Thanksgiving night to Portland, OR, to run a marathon. He also bungee jumped for the 2nd time and loved it even more. We finished up our semester with both of us getting good grades - impressive!

In December, we made a BIG announcement to our families, making sure to make it really built up and anticipated. The NEWS was that we were.....going to be......moving. Of course, they were expecting something else. My hopeful mother was so cute. No. We actually just moved down the street from our old place. We live in a basement of a house now, as of New Years day. I will be teaching piano and voice lessons this coming year, so if you know of anyone in the Cache Valley area, let me know.

We celebrated Christmas with my family on December 18th. It was fun. My parents had given us some money at Thanksgiving and said: "Spend it on what you want and bring whatever you bought to our family party on the 18th." It was fun to see what people bought.

During Christmas break, we spent our time with Calvin's family. We enjoyed relaxing and playing Canasta (I think that's a contradiction). Anyhow, we both had a wonderful Christmas, getting more than we needed or probably deserved. It was a ton of fun watching two of our nephews opening their gifts.

On December 26th, we headed to Brigham City for dinner with the Hobbs' side of the family. Grandpa and Grandma Hobbs have planned an exciting trip to Disney World in Aug. for all the family. That's a lot of people AND a lot of fun. We, as Murdock's, met afterward and exchanged our siblings and cousins gifts. Before we could do so, the babies needed to be fed. All my sisters-in-law and sister had a baby this past year (2009). Everyone had one, except me, BUT I'm okay with that for right now. Anyhow, the four on the Murdock's side were feeding all at the same time in the same area. Kind of a funny picture!

Now that they are fed and much happier, they have their photo shoot.

Presenting the KKK (their names all start with K's) Silly and adorable

NEVER cross my father-in-law. He received this gun from his sons. Inscribed on the gun are the words: "To Dad, 2009." The saying is then followed by all the sons' names . He can now add this beauty to his collection.

Last of all, our New Years Eve was spent at Nicole and Jason's. There was also another couple of families that joined us. It was a blast, playing games, getting to know new people, and eating excellent food.

I think that's about it for us now!


Kat & Joe said...

Fun to see pictures of your holiday festivities. Good luck on the student teaching and I know you will do an excellent job with piano/voice lessons. I miss singing with you, sad tear rolled down my check.

Kat & Joe said...

THat is supposed to say cheek not check! ha ha

Nicole Norris said...

It was so fun to see an update on your blog. I need to get some of those pictures from you! I am also glad you had a great time at our new years eve party. we sure have fun when you and Calvin come over!

Derreck, Tasha, and Klara Blight said...

Looks like you have been busy and having lots of fun.