Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

On Saint Patrick's Day, Easton was born (on the left). These are my two new nephews (Easton & Ethan). They are so cute. For General Conference, we went to my folks' house. What a wonderful time we had. Earlier this week, we helped my sister-in-law's family, Nicole & Jason, move into their new home. It will be such a nice home for them. I am also excited because we may get to plant some garden in their backyard! Haha. It is funny what you miss out on when you live in an apartment. Well, that's about it for now.Okay! So really funny--Calvin is not a baby person. He refuses to hold, tend, or play with a baby. BUT we tricked him. My mom was holding Easton and had to go do something. Calvin, being the only one around at that time, was handed Easton. Calvin felt pretty picked on. I think deep down inside, he really enjoyed playing/holding him. :)


Nicole Norris said...

I think we could give up a little garden space. If it was up to AnnMarie's fan club she could take whatever she wanted. Thanks again for all your help with the move!!!

Unknown said...

How cute!! :) sounds so fun to plant a garden, how is it coming?